Ioanna Koulakou

About me…

I was born in Athens, Greece in 1982 and studied photography in Leica Academy. I worked for 7 years at the Fine Art Photolab “Idolo”, mostly printing black and white photographs in the darkroom. During that time I became familiar with the work of countless photographers, including some of the greatest Greek ones, printing their work for magazines, books, exhibitions in galleries and museums.

While experimenting with my own photography, I found my greatest interest to be people, portraying their faces and their environment. Attracted by the unknown and the unfamiliar, I manage to connect with it through photography in a way that the unknown becomes intimate in the end.

I seek for the beauty that lies in the simplicity and authenticity of all.

In wedding photography, my passion for shooting people met with real occasions full of intense moments. Witnessing such moments from so close is a great honor and luck for me and being in the position of giving people a precious record of these moments of their lives creates the feeling of devotion and responsibility.

My style is natural, observing and shooting while letting things flow and paying great attention to light, details and aesthetics.

Apart from wedding and events photography, I have worked in various projects over the years, including interiors, food photography and product photography.
My base is in Athens but I can easily cover photo assignments all over Greece and worldwide.

All material presented in this website is fully copyrighted. For any details or if you wish to collaborate with me, feel free to contact me.